Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 153: Toe Nail is Back!

Phew!!! I can't express how relieved I am!

You see, after my historic 10km run, I had injured both my big toes. The one on my right foot especially, had a major blood clot and the nail on it was beginning to peel off. During the wedding last week, several people in all their excitement stepped on that very toe during various occassions. As such by the last day in India, I had my toe nail coming off from two edges and just clinging on to the third edge a bit. It was a horrible sight, so I put a few plasters on top of it and pretended to readily ignore the crisis.

But I had a big fear that I will be left nail-less on my right toe. Under usual circumstances I would not have minded that much. I have gotten a pedicure only once in my entire life and that was during my wedding. So the beauty of my feet is not the most important thing in my life. However the thought of having no nail on a toe had left me petrified recently.

I had written here about a dream project that I would be acting in (if all goes well, of course). Shots of my feet and as a result my toes, are very important for this project and not having a toe-nail would have meant complete disaster.

But thanks to our darling God, today while changing the band-aids on the toe, I realized that the old nail has finally fallen off and beneath is a brand new super cool nail! It's only half grown yet but still, I am sooooo relieved! It took more than two whole months and it was getting a bit worrying. Now I cant stop gazing fondly at my toe. Ah. At least my dream project will not be hindered by the absence of a toe-nail!

847 more to go.

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  1. PRAISE GOD that toe nail is back, well i was never aware of such a thing actually Shilpa. Shilpa kutty please take good care of yourself and indeed you are correct, we are going to go into minute detailing for the shoot. BEST OF LUCK TO US.