Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 141: Tilak, Sangeet and finally the Dances!

7 April, 2010

Today, we were to have two major events - the Tilak, where the bride's family members come over and have some kinda ritual done and the Sangeet, which is basically the evening of songs and dances and general merriment. For Tilak, we had 35 guests from the bride's family coming over which included 3 of the bride's stunning female cousins from Austria and their 11 Austrian equally stunning female friends. Needless to say, it was a field day for the boys and men in our family. My own dear hubby darling who picked up from the railway station, came back super excited and blurted out, "There are SO many girls... so beautiful!", upon which I asked him to control himself. Anyway, it was really fun having them around. They did add quite a bit of colour to wedding festivities!

Later was the Sangeet night and it was super fun. I had written quite a few times here about the dances that my hubby and I were working on to be performed at the wedding. Today, we finally performed the dances. I had a super fun time performing them and they were well accepted which made it all the more enjoyable. Hubby too gave a very good performance and was quite the hero among the crowd after that. Sure, the presence of the 14 stunning girls might have contributed to his enthusiasm but in any case, he did a good job. So did my in-laws whom I had choreographed a small piece for. So all in all, a thoroughly enjoyable day!

859 more to go.

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