Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 146: Am Back

So am finally back in Singapore after the the big, fat, supersized Indian wedding. I was totally pooped and plonked into bed as soon as I got back home. When I woke up 5 hours later, I decided that I had to be back on track. I was away for only about 11 days but it feels like ages. The film, Prajwala, P&G, this blog, everything was waiting. I had to get my life back into order and had to feel productive. So this is what I did

a) Finished unpacking
b) Did laundry
c) Uploaded all the wedding pics complete with captions
d) Worked on some updates for Prajwala
e) Drew up a list of things for the film's pre-production work
f) Completed 9 pending blog entries, including this one.

Today was special because am back and I feel pretty good about everything. Not just with all the memories that have accompanied me back but also with the sense of purpose I feel in moving forward. Now I can go to bed peacefully because I feel am set to tackle the world starting from tomorrow.

854 more to go.

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