Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 961: Meet Ups, Dim Sum, Galaxy S3, Ice Cream & Happiness!

It was a fantastic day!

One of those days when you feel pretty happy and good about everything even though you might not be able to point out why exactly!

In any case, here is a list of all the small things that could have contributed to the big happiness:

a) Meeting and having an interesting conversation with someone who contacted me to know more about how to get independent movies screened in Singapore - I discovered that she is a fellow Mallu and better still, a fellow Bikram Yogini which made us instant thick friends!
b) A little bit of shopping
c) Visiting my Bikram Yoga studio to pick up the husband who went for a class there, and meeting the folks there whom I miss oh-so-much.
d) Being told twice the same day that I look quite fit and good for someone in her 6th month of pregnancy!
e) Gorging on dim sums at Din Tai Fung, with the hubby.
f) Getting the new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, which came to me almost free of cost thanks to the offers at Starhub, my mobile service provider.
g) Being quite happy with the service at Starhub, while we were there.
h) The happiness of the hubby who instantly accepted the offer when I suggested that he could use the new phone instead of me.
i) Having McDonald's cone ice cream, something which I usually do not have at all (simply because am not an ice cream fan) and hence was a novel experience.
j) Spending the entire evening making random conversation with the hubby who seemed to be having a generally happy day as well!

Like I said, not one big thing but several small things. But as long as it made me happy, who is complaining!

39 more to go.

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