Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 407: What a Day, What a Year, What a Decade!

I can't help but reminisce. Personally, a beautiful year and an even more beautiful decade has just gone by! So many wonderful things happened that I can't seem to stop counting my blessings today!

Starting from university, which was the bestest of times, all the way until today which was a terrific day, things have been on such a high! Let me first quickly list what made today so special:
a) Did my longest swim ever of 20 laps, which beats the previous one of 18 laps.
b) Am at my healthiest best with the my lowest fat percentage and weight (yeah, even lower than the 19.9% that I celebrated a while ago). Needless to say am super smug.
c) I had the most homely and wonderful new year's eve ever! We had a nice little party of our own - with just myself, the hubby, mom and in-laws. We made a cosy seating arrangement on the floor, had a lot to drink and eat, played games, chatted, laughed, reminisced, watched the fireworks from our window (we could see both the ones in the city as well as the ones in the suburbs), counted down, screamed when the clock hit midnight and in short had the merriest of times!

That was for today.

The rest of this post is going to be a list of all those events from this decade that will remain close to my heart forever. This is solely meant for me to relive all those memories once more and also to ensure that one day in the future, if my memory fails to keep up with the age, this could help to rekindle a spark.

So here we go. Why 2001 - 2010 was the best decade. Ever.

a) University - This doesn't even need an explanation. The most carefree and fun filled times of all!
b) Hubby - meeting him, falling in love, eventually getting married and still finding him tolerable after 9 years of time spent together.
c) Dance - Especially in the first half of the decade, I had not stopped dancing. So many shows, all that time spent in the dance studios of the centre for the arts (CFA) in NUS, winning that Tarang (intercollege festival), representing Singapore in Philippines and Japan, wearing all those different costumes and accessories, choreographing and attempting all forms from Bharatnatyam and Kathak to Hip Hop & Contemporary styles, and finally dancing at my own wedding and my brother-in-law's wedding, I loved every bit of it! Now that I am considerably away from dance, this is something I am beginning to miss very much!
d) Plays - All the way from being the Assistant Director for the hall musical in NUS, to acting in several Malayalam plays, writing and directing the musical Bollywood Beats, to writing, directing and producing Kathaah, the threatrical stage has been such a HUGE part of my life this decade. Once again, I loved every bit of it, and the best part is I don't think my association with the stage has ended yet. I know that this is something I can get back to as and when it fancies me.
e) Art - Art verve. Starting it, taking it forward, exhibition at NUS Museums and finally realizing that it still lives on even after 8 years.
f) P&G - First job and still going on. First SK-II, now Head & Shoulders, both with a bunch of excellent team members and lots of challenging projects! So far so good!
g) Films - How they came into my life and became such a big part of it without me even realizing it! Crying in the dark, Destination, Post Its, Festa, Doors, It's Magic, Mausams - all the films till date, every single one an experience in itself.
h) People - A few wonderful people left forever but not without leaving a ton of beautiful memories behind and I came across a whole bunch of amazing individuals who have made life so much more beautiful than before. A big virtual hug to every single one of them!
i) Writing - I dunno when I started to write. I don't claim to be a good writer by any standards (sometimes I appall myself with my grammatical atrocities) but somehow I had taken to writing. Play scripts, film scripts, short stories, poems, and finally this blog. Very interesting journey there.
j) Travels - All those beautiful places! 20 countries over 10 years - seas, mountains, cities, villages, forests, etc. etc. I have pretty much seen all that I've ever wanted to see. Thank God for that!
k) Home - buying our own little home in Singapore.
l) Being very much on track to my "list of things to do before I turn 30". I think this makes me the happiest this decade. I had written the list some time in 2007 for preparation for 2012. But as of 2011, I should be done with all of them. That makes me feel super contented!

So yes, it was a wonderful day, wonderful year and a wonderful decade. Now for the next.

593 more to go.

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  1. Happy New Year Shilpa!!! Let the next year and decade bring u more memories to cherish. Hugs!!!