Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 390: Group Hug!

14 December, 2010

I love my film's team. But let me be honest - It is not always so and there are reasons for that. Many a time they do get very creative in finding new and innovative methods to annoy the crap out of me, but overall they are all incredibly awesome people and I love them. Today in particular, I feel like I wanna give all of them a group hug (and that's saying a lot because am not a very hug-sy person).

I am feeling this special overflowing love suddenly because for the first time ever, every single person on the team (and am talking about 12 people here) said "yes" immediately to a schedule I sent out! Just imagine! No prior commitments and such excuses given and this is really a first! Usually it's like half the team agrees but the other half wouldn't which means I have to shift around dates and slots...then the second half would agree but not the first half which means another round of rescheduling etc. But this time, everyone said "Yes!", "Sure!", "Will be there!", "It's already in my calendar" and what not, that too in one go! Wah!

The schedule I sent out was for the final round of dubbing and it's like suddenly they all really want to make sure this gets done at the earliest! This was really unexpected because I had even put dubbing slots on Christmas day and they agreed to that too! Who would have thought!

This is some serious Awwwww stuff!

And second round of dubbing has already kicked off too! My first cast member came over today evening for her dub and we successfully completed a good chunk of it.

So yes, am feeling really awesome! What a rocking team!

610 more to go.

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