Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 394: Mom, Food & Gifts

18 December, 2010

My mom arrived this morning from India for her ritual 1-month Christmas break in Singapore. And she once again followed the ritual of bringing a 101 things from home to eat.

There could not have been a better day to bring all that food because I was on my dubbing chair for 14 hours. I just focused on the dubs while the meals and snacks and drinks kept flowing in. Ah! That definitely made the process a lot less painful!

She also immediately got into entertaining conversations with me, the hubby and the cast who had come for dubbing. She is always so enthusiastic about everything, it is so much fun to chat with her!

And then I got an unexpected gift from a cast member. She had taken a holiday in India and got me a silk shawl. What's really cute about the gift was her reasoning why she got that. According to her, she has seen me only in a "limited range of clothes"and mainly in army shorts which she had very little opinion of. (Please do note that there is an explanation for this - It is that she has seen me only during shoots or dubbing work and usually during such occasions comfort comes first and I would be in very casual attire.)

So she couldn't figure out what to get for me for a while and then she was inspired by what those "great directors get during award functions"! In India, there is a custom of putting a silk shawl around dignitaries as a showcase of respect. So yeah, she got me a silk shawl and wrapped it around me. My studyroom turned into a stage and I turned into a "great director" for that minute. All smiles!

606 more to go.

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