Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 392: Daily Mallu Movie

I have mentioned, in several occasions, that I love watching movies. They make me feel good and I am especially happy when I get to watch Malayalam movies which is a rarity in Singapore partly because not many of them appear on local channels or get released here and partly because even if they do, the hubby with his utter lack of knowledge of the language, pulls a long face if I decide to watch one.

But it has so happened that I am suddenly in possession of a few Malayalam movies thanks to the editor who was in town and have also found myself with some spare time to watch a bit of it without the hubby around (he has been travelling or been busy with work). The end result is that for three days in a row now, I have spent at least 1 hour at night watching a movie. Ah the joy from these simple things! It is such a de-stresser!

After I hear some conversation in Malayalam and hear a couple of jokes or even slang, am left smiling!

608 more to go.

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