Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 391: If I Rise

Today, I would have easily ended up writing about another day of work and dub and run and even a Malayalam movie that I happened to watch and thoroughly enjoyed. But then a friend shared the link to A.R.Rahman's song from the movie '127 hours' called 'If I Rise'.

OMG. What a song. What a freaking song! Totally, completely, absolutely made my day!

Writing anything further about it with my limited vocabulary will not do justice. So it's enough to say that I have been listening to it the whole day in a loop and I don't feel like going to bed now because then I won't be able to listen to it anymore.

Here's the link to the masterpiece.

God bless ARR (and also Dido)!

609 more to go.


  1. Did you watch the movie? This song fit SO well...also check out Touch of the Sun and Acid Darbari!

    Glad you liked the Sarathi music! :)

  2. No havent watched it yet... waiting for its release in Singapore!