Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 404: Hukkah

28 December, 2010

This evening all of us (i.e. the hubby, parents, myself) went to Arab street. For some reason, this is a part of the town we don't visit too often. But it is one interesting little place with its line up of Mediterranean, Arabic restaurants, trinket shops, Malay clothing materials shops etc.

After a bit of shopping and drinking the lovely Teh Halia (ginger tea) at a local shop, we finally ended up at a restaurant serving Mediterranean food. More than the food, the most exciting part of it, especially for the parents, was that the seating was on a carpeted floor. They just sprawled on the cushions and made themselves super comfortable and looked super excited!

Then we got a grape mint flavoured Hukkah. The parents, all first timers, were thrilled with it and was competing to see who could blow out the most smoke. Even though hukkah had been smoked by my friends, I was never a fan. But watching my dad-in-law, mom-in-law as well as mom smoking it like nobody's business and having a ball of a time, I too decided to take one inhale. And of course in spite of the fact that I was a first timer myself, I was the winner of the smoke-blowing contest by far (thank you very much)!

So over some great Mediterranean food, the yummy date milk shake, hukka inhales and deep conversations, it was a very happy evening.

596 more to go.

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