Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 376: Provoking the Thought!

30 November, 2010

You know how you sometimes sit with a friend and talk for hours about life, where it takes us, what would really make us happy, how to achieve that happiness, what will happen if that doesn't come, how we are going to take the future in our hands etc. etc.? I absolutely love those conversations. Like, a lot!

After any such conversation, it is as if your whole brain gets reorganized and clicks in its proper placements. You feel like, "Yes... everything is so clear now. My world is gonna change from tomorrow." Sure, the next day the brain clicks again and reorganizes itself to it previous position but then that doesn't matter because for as long as it lasted, it would have felt awesome!

I am not in a particularly confused state of mind currently to seek clarity or anything like that, but it still felt good when the husband and I met up with a friend and had one of these really long, thought provoking conversations! I somehow ended up feeling super intellectual with all the wisdom I was flinging in every direction (could also have been the effect of the Mojito). I was very close to literally patting my back.

Long story short, I went home a happy, content person. Smiles!

624 more to go.

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