Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 398: Quits

22 December, 2010

I had yet another dubbing session scheduled today. After I got back home from work, I did some pre-work for the session which usually involves double checking the syncs so far, double checking that no places for dub have been missed out, see whether there are any patch ups required etc. Then the actor came over and we did about 3 hours of dubbing. And then it happened.

I suddenly felt completely unable to go on any more. My left shoulder and arms were under a sharp pain and I felt that I won't be able to sit through the dub for another minute. And for the first time ever since the film work had begun, I said quits because I simply didn't have the physical and mental strength to go on. I realized that all these continuous days of work has finally taken its toll and we had to wrap up the dub half way.

My initial reaction was to panic. How the hell am I supposed to release this film in April if I cant get the dubs done on time? There is still sound design, background score to be done and also the rating (censorship) process which would taken about 2.5 months! I have to submit the final cut of the film for censorship in end Jan latest and the more my dubs get delayed the more difficult that's going to be!

After a fair amount of inner turmoil, I realized that if I start getting depressed over this, it's not gonna make things better anyway. After that very wise realization I proceeded to make the most of it - which means I basically just sprawled on the couch for a few hours, stared at the ceiling, chatted with hubby, mom and in-laws, ate a lot, went to bed early, listened to 'If I rise' when I couldn't sleep and basically, decided to feel good in spite of a pressing deadline. Of course, it was a lot easier with the four people in my house fussing royally over me!

So the day's obviously a pretty one, since I managed to keep my nerves calm even under the rare occasion of saying quits.

602 more to go.


  1. :) keep going... the finishing line is coming up sooner than you think! time will fly...

  2. You'll be smiling at this experience in a few months. All part of the 'sweet memories' package.

    Enjoy while it lasts! :)