Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 377: NZ Planning Begins!

1 December, 2010

A few months ago, the hubby and I booked our flight tickets to New Zealand for next Feb. It was to be our proper holiday together after 1.5 years! We had not even taken a short getaway the whole of 2010 together, so this is obviously much looked forward to!

After the flight bookings were made, we got completely busy with our lives and had not gotten back to planning anything further. Obviously, NZ is a huge country and we should have a better idea of what to do there to maximize our time.

Over the last weekend we decided that the hubby, due to his limited planning skills, will do all the planning for the North Island where we would be spending 3 days while I, being the expert planner, will take up the job of planning for South island where would be spending 6-7 days.

So today, I did just that. After a few hours of research I have come up with a nice, detailed itinerary. I already know the routes we would take, the places where we can stay, the must-see sights etc. and felt really good about a job well done. (May I also add that the hubby's North Island itinerary is still untouched?)

After hours of looking at Kiwi landscapes, half of me is already in New Zealand! Ah!

623 more to go.

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