Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 381: Good Sunday

A few things made the day quite pleasant!

a) Waking up to a breakfast prepared by the boys - the hubby had woken up earlier than me to find the editor making Burji (scrambled eggs) for breakfast! The editor apparently had not slept the whole night. After working on the edit until 6 am, I went off to bed but the editor went for his Sunday morning prayers at the church. He then returned back and decided to cook! Oh well...nobody was complaining! So as the editor made his delicious burji, the hubby got quite inspired himself and put together toast and sandwich. So all I had to do was wake up and eat! Perfect Sunday morning I say!

b) Work on the edit continued slowly but steadily. We are close to completing 50% now!

c) Met up with a few of the Mausams team for dinner. It was a chance for them and the editor to meet each other. It was a very fun evening and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! We spoke about films, how we crossed each other's paths to be the Mausams team that we are today etc. etc. which was all fun stuff!

d) And I must mention this - I also got to eat one of the best chicken dishes ever - the corriander from Fifth Season! I have been to this restaurant several times and can't believe that I had missed out on this beauty for this long! It was SO freaking good!

So yes, it was a grand day and a grand weekend!

619 more to go.

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