Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 405: 1.5 Years Later

There is a colleague-turned-friend of mine who is seriously so similar to me that it is a bit freaky. We have pretty much the same temperament, the same principles, the same attitudes, the same world views and in a nut shell, pretty much the same everything. One would think that this similarity would make us thickest of thick friends who hang out with each other all the time. But unfortunately, both of us get so caught up our respective lives that we very rarely meet up. But in the rare occasion when do bump into each other, we could talk about everything and anything under the sun and have no qualms about sharing any problems or thoughts that we may have.

And that's what happened today. The two of us decided to meet up for lunch. This is a super significant event because this happened after a good 1.5 years! We had met each other briefly time and again at work or when she helped me with some of the shooting for Mausams, but we wouldn't have spoken more than a few sentences to each other during those occasions. So a 1.5 hour long lunch after 1.5 years was terrific!

We updated each other with all that happened in the past 1.5 years and it felt really good to catch up with her! Sometimes all it takes is some quality time spent with a special friend to make the day beautiful. Hopefully it doesn't take another 1.5 years for our next coffee or lunch together!

595 more to go.


  1. Hello if that's me, then ditto to you. You're an absolute inspiration to meet up with each time.