Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 397: Fights & In-Laws!

21 December, 2010

Let me set the record straight first. The incident involving the fight and the incident involving the in-laws are absolutely and completely mutually unrelated (ha! and you thought there was some gossip brewing here! tch tch!) but both happened to occur today so I put them together.

Firstly, the fight. I had written here about how some of the fringe cast for the film had done an excellent job of delivering lines made up on their own, during the shoot. The dialogue that they were supposed to make up were that of a fight. So I had two girls fighting it out with each other and a poor dude watching and trying to make peace. Now the whole thing had to be re-created for the dub. So I got the girls to come over and fight it out once again in my house. And what a fight they put up! My house was shaking from the noise they made! It was awesome fun, really! The dub was OK-ed in one take and the actresses were very pleased with themselves. Apparently it also helped to let go of their work frustrations thoroughly!

Soon after the satisfactory fight dub, my in-laws arrived. The next few hours were spent on gawking at the numerous gifts they got, gorging on the great food they got and chatting away non-stop. We were up well into the night catching up as well as making plans for the next few days! It's like finally there is a festive spirit in the house and the holiday season has begun!

603 more to go.

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