Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 401: Christmas?

25 December, 2010

I mentioned this last year on Christmas day, but let me repeat this. I LOVE Christmas! And that too in spite of the fact that I have no Christmas tree or Christmas dinner or Christmas presents or any of those usual things that accompany the festival! There is something really charming about the whole deal even without any of the above and usually am already very happy just walking around Singapore, watching other people celebrate their Christmas, listening to the carols, etc.

Only thing is, it pretty much completely skipped my mind this year that it was indeed Christmas! Sure, I had done that "soaking in the festive spirit" exercise yesterday, but today somehow Christmas didn't strike me.

And of course, it has got everything to do with the film. I was neck deep in dubs and synchronization work the whole day that I didn't step out of the house once or even watch a Christmas special movie on TV (which is usually a favourite alternative to going out).

Instead I had a gala time dubbing with the leading lady of the film together with my hubby, who had finally decided to help me out a bit with the process. So as he worked on the sync and she dubbed, I sat back and directed both of them without having to literally break my back doing everything on my own. A couple of hours into it, the hubby did pass the work on back to me, but it was still a lot of fun while it lasted!

The three of us got very nostalgic because the dubs of the leading lady was also getting close to being wrapped up and this meant that the film is really, like really, in the final stretch now. Very soon, there will be no more Mausams work left. So we were in great spirits throughout, as if to make the most out of it while it lasted.

So yeah, I so thoroughly enjoyed today's dub session that I didn't notice Christmas slip past. But it didn't matter. This Christmas was still beautiful albeit for a very non-Christmasy reason.

599 more to go.

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