Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 379: The Editor Arrives!

3 December, 2010

Like I have mentioned here, my editor had agreed to come to Singapore all the way from Mumbai just to just work on the film!

And he arrived today morning! Bringing with him a collection of about 8-10 books on films and film making for me as a gift! There was one on a photographic journey through Bollywood, a visual edition of the Namesake with pictures from the movie and one on getting character make up done (which the hubby remarked that I am in dire need of myself). There was also a cook book (which again, according to my hubby am in dire need of) and even a special Mumbai photographic diary for 2011, since am a planning freak! How sweet is that?!

After I was done with my office work, we sat down to edit Mausams. The last and final edit.

Am loving the journey on this last leg. It is a totally different feel to sit with the editor and work on the film than trying to use online chat or do the reference edits yourself! This way it is a lot easier to communicate on what I want and also to understand his thinking behind each of the cuts. With my study room set up with his laptop, my iMac and LCD screen and also the numerous hard disks that we are using, it actually looks like a real studio and I actually feel like a real director!

By the time it was 2 am, we had 25% of the final cut for Mausams.

621 more to go.

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