Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 389: Goodbye Time

13 December, 2010

Today was the editor's last day in Singapore. After having successfully completed the Mausams edit, tomorrow he would be on his way back to India. I still find it surreal that someone bothered to travel all the way here just to work on my ridiculously small film! I cant possibly express how grateful I am for that and it has been an incredible experience, cutting the final edit together!

We took a quick look at the rendered final cut (and successfully identified some issues) and then had a chat for a while about this whole Mausams journey so far. Now that it was time to say goodbye, all the memories and snippets from the last several months tumbled out. More than the end product itself, this is always the best part - the recounting of the memories!

This isn't the end of our work together on Mausams because we still have teaser, trailers, titles, credits, finetuning post background score etc. still remaining which we would be working on utilizing the internet as our primary source of communication over the next few months! Ah the never ending journey! But I hope he can attend the premiere in April and be there to see the journey to its completion.

Till then, it's a big thanks and bye from me!

611 more to go.

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