Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 399: Whiff of the Festive Season

23 December, 2010

Last year this time, I was talking about nothing other than the festive spirit of Singapore during December and how easy it is to feel upbeat about life in the last couple of weeks of the month, due to the wonderful Christmas and New Year cheer around. This year however, due to the continued work on the film as well as unexpectedly heavy load of work in office, I have not really had a chance to take a step back and smile at all the fun happening around me.

But today I took a couple of hours between work and dubs and spent the time with mom and in-laws. Together we walked around a few malls, looked at the decorations, watched a figure skating performance, took pictures, watched the shoppers frantically doing their last minute Christmas shopping and enjoyed the wonderful Starbucks Chai Latte at the end of it! It was a short break from the work but good fun!

Tomorrow evening I am planning proper immersion in the festivities (which usually means walking along Orchard road wearing a Christmas hat and enjoying all the buzz!) but for today, it felt good to get just a quick whiff of it! Ah, I love December!

601 more to go.

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