Saturday, December 11, 2010

Days 384, 385, 386 and 387: Mausams Edit - Now Completed.

8 - 11 December 2010

The reason why I didn't write anything for the last few days and decided to compile all the four days' entries into one post is because I had single-minded focus on completing the Mausams edit with my editor who is in town. As soon as I was done with office work, each day I sat down with him to work on the edit way into the night. Today, a saturday, we have been at it the whole day too. It's been a few backbreaking days for sure. But I enjoyed every bit of the work and it has made all four days wonderfully beautiful! I could not think of anything else but the film and even when I went to bed the footage was running in my head. It felt really good to see the film edging closer and closer to its completion!

And today I am very, very, very, very happy to declare that Mausams final cut edit has finally been completed.

Now am off to celebrate!

Editor & I in my "studio"
613 more to go.

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