Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 395: Cast Catch-Ups!

19 December, 2010

I had an absolutely marvelous day today! Five of the cast members were at my place to do their dubs and we had an amazing time catching up! Now that the film is in its final stages, we spent quite a bit of time going through all the key edited scenes, listening to the rough soundtracks that are coming in from my genius music composer and reminiscing over how our first day of shoot seems so far off now and how surreal the whole journey has been! I don't think any of us could believe the film has reached so far! One cast member was seriously close to tears!

The whole reminiscing experience was made even better by the constant flow of delicious Kerala snacks that my mom whipped up. Uniappams, avil nanchathu, banana fritters, onion bhajjis, tapioca chips etc. etc. kept coming by one after the other much to everyone's delight!

I would be glad when the whole film is done and I finally get some time of doing nothing, but I am pretty sure am gonna miss this experience like hell!

605 more to go.

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