Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 75: Abang to NUH

Today I was feeling bugged for some unknown reason. Or rather, I was feeling bugged by a mixture of several reasons - the weekend coming to an end and a horrible week about to commence, the enormity of the film project which is already beginning to make me sleepless, issues am facing with the location hunting, limited progress on shot breakdown work etc. I was feeling so bugged that I thought on day 75, I will have to call it quits and stop writing this blog, thereby accepting defeat in finding something worthwhile for 1000 days in row.

By 8 pm, after throwing whatever tantrums I could possibly throw, I decided it was time to reconsider the situation. My hubby brainstormed several options that might make me happier, all of which had something to do with eating a different kinda food and none of which appealed to me. Then I mentally skimmed through several other possible options that might make me happier and decided that I will go visit my university campus. I was well aware that I am a sentimenal fool and that spending a couple of hours there would have a great positive effect on me.

Accordingly, hubby and I set out to Abang, one of the 24 hour food outlets near NUS, our alma mater. The last time I went to NUS was several months ago. I have only good memories associated with the university and everytime I go there, I am struck by a huge nostalgic wave. And today was no different!

Abang is famous for the Niqqi's Cheese Prata shop, where we have enjoyed hundreds of meals during our time on campus. Legend goes that the place imports tons of cheese every month to make their famous Cheese Pratas. And am happy to note that nothing much had changed there except that it looked a lot cleaner than what we could remember. After the usual order of Chicken Biriyani, Nasi Goreng, Teh Halia and Milo Dinosaur, we decided to walk through the campus all the way to National University Hospital - about 2.5 kms away.

And as we walked, we reminisced our times in university. We walked past Kent Ridge Hall and room D407 - my room in my first year which was a favourite haunt for my batchmates then, particularly my hubby who was then 'just a friend', but of course. We walked past his Engineering faculty and my Computing faculty. We walked past "Extension A" which is now called "Ridge View Residences" - our residence for around 6 months. We walked past the historic site where my hubby claims that a pack of stray dogs chased him. We were surprised to see a brand new "Dentistry" building that seemed to have popped up in the place of a carpark.

The weather was pleasant with a nice breeze and I had a lovely walk. And as expected, I have come back home feeling a thousand times better. Sometimes, being a sentimental fool really helps.

925 more to go.

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