Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 60: Fun and Thought-Provoking

16 January, 2010

A very interesting day - both fun and thought provoking. I had written about a big hearted person I met the previous day here, who took it as a personal responsibility to distriute food to the poor, homeless, handicapped people around the town every single day. When I heard the story, I wanted to accompany him on one of his food distribution trips. And so today I followed him as he did so. And it was such a touching experience. People recognize him and come to collect the food from him at some places. Sometimes, we had to go around in circles trying to find the person we have to pass the food packet to. There was just one vegetarian lady who got special veg meal. There was one blind person on the roadside who had to be given the food packet in his hands. Made me wonder how that person survives every day. And what was most disturbing to me was that I probably have seen half these people or people like them on the roadsides but did not ever bother to give them a second thought. That was very unsettling. I reminded him that I would like to sponsor a few people under his care and figured out the details of the transactions. Obviously the least one can do.

Later in the evening I went to my cousin's house in Kochi where the wedding is to take place, which was the main purpose of my visit to Kerala this time. The rest of the evening was spent on chatting, giving the ladies henna designs on their hands, dancing around, playing with a niece who is the most talkative kid I have come across and who had taken a special interest in me for some reason, taking photos and eating. In short, having a ton of fun! Wedding of close relatives are always such fun!

940 more to go.

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