Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 62: Old Times

18 January, 2010

The wedding function ended at about noon and a few of us cousins sat around to chill out for a while. Even though we had done absolutely nothing during the wedding itself, we were still exhausted from all the waking up early, dressing up, eating, meeting wedding guests etc. As we lounged around, my brother and I started talking about all our childhood times and the enormous amount of fun we used to have. I had written about this brother here a while ago. He and I were the oldest among the cousins around that day and hence, had the maximum number of stories to tell. The others joined in as well and were amused at some of the stories we had to tell them about their own childhood atrocities which they can no longer remember.

We spent more than a couple of hours reminiscing about old times. I didn't realize how much I missed all that fun until we started recollecting them. What was very heartening was that all of us cousins who were probably not as attached to each other in those days are now coming together like never before. I mean, we seem to be going from just playmates to really feeling like brothers and sisters.

So we have now planned that at least once a year we should all come together for a couple of days and re-live the old times. My cousins, their spouses and our parents make up around 20-odd people. Big enough to have a good celebration! Can't wait for the first one!

938 more to go.

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