Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 64: Packets of Rice and Photographs

I got back to Singapore early this morning with a horrible flu. So had to skip work and stay in to recover. I also had a ton of emails from work to clear in spite of the darn flu. I then realized that I have a suitcase full of rice. Yup, you read it right. My mom have this weird habit of getting groceries from India to Singapore in spite of me reminding her time and again that everything is available here in Singapore. And under the pretext of helping me pack my bag before my return from India, she had put in packets of rice and pulses without my knowledge. When I opened my suitcase to unpack, I realized that one of the rice packs have torn open and the rice has spilled all over. In short, the day didn't start off well.

But by evening, I had cleared all my work emails, unpacked completely, got some good rest and was feeling considerably better. So I decided to upload the pictures of my cousin's wedding I attended in India. As I had the privilege of sharing the first pictures from the event, even before the official photographers', it caused quite a stir among the cousins and other family members.

A cousin who couldn't make it for the wedding called me a number of times to chat about what she missed and her excitement at seeing all the pictures. Another couldn't stop commenting on the photos. Another can't wait to get back home to see them. Another wanted to know what exactly had I applied on everyone's faces (I was the official make-up artist, as you can read here) because they're "absolutely glowing"... so on and so forth.

The celebrations therefore went on, even though it's been a couple of days after the event has officially concluded. And I enjoyed every bit of it!

936 more to go.

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