Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 61: From Zero to Hero

17 January, 2010

As per the Brahmin custom, the wedding festivities last for two days in a row and today was the first day. And guess who was the official make-up artist for the ladies of the house? Me!

This is an extremely significant event. Let me tell you why. I have like zero interest in getting dressed up all the time, much to the annoyane of my mom as well as my colleagues from P&G. So if I take the trouble to dress up once in a blue moon, it is a matter of great surprise and intrigue.

The first time my colleagues as well as anyone from my family saw me dressed up (by myself) was during my wedding. I did my own make up for most of the events except for the final wedding day. And I can safely say that my makeup was a LOT better than the so called professional beauticians who did the make up for the final day. My colleagues who had attended my wedding were very pleased with this skill I had developed.

But today was the first time I had to demonstrate my skills of doing make up on other people's faces. And I can proudly say that not only did I think that they all looked very nice but my clients themselves were very pleased and booked my services for the next day! My colleagues would be so proud of me!

939 more to go.

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