Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 67: Celtx, Rehearsals and Wedding Plans

23 January, 2010

What a super duper exciting and productive day! My genius cinematographer shared with me the link to a film pre-production software called Celtx. And I spent a total of seven hours on it today - Formatting, working on catalogues, schedules, call sheets, script revisions etc. etc! In short, I felt like am actually making a real film just by the amount of work I was doing! Very exciting indeed!

To add to the excitment, I had rehearsals with a few key members of the cast and I had some terrific fun doing the readings! As a director who is not part of the cast, I still could take turns reading out lines of absent cast members which is something I thoroughly enjoy! And another three hours were spent on that.

In the evening, had a long chat with my in-laws about the upcoming wedding of my one and only brother-in-law. Planning for weddings are as fun as weddings themselves, especially if you are talking about North Indian weddings. Honestly, Kerala weddings are over simplified and absolutely lack the colours and festivities of a North Indian wedding. So one of the benefits of marrying a Northie is that I get to be part of such fun weddings. We planned and planned and planned about the clothes and dances and songs and other entertainments - there is a requirement for a lot of these, since the wedding would pan across several days. I then transfered the excitement bug to my parents and cousins who are all sent to go for wedding.

A very exciting day and looks like 2010 is gonna be tons of fun!

933 more to go.

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