Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 73: A Friday Evening Walk

I have been wanting to take a very long walk. I used to do that a lot when I was in Junior College but my walks have become pretty much non-existent in the recent years. I tried selling the idea a few weeks ago to my hubby who paid little attention to it. Since he was not around today and I was having a Friday evening all to myself, I decided that this would be the day I would take my long walk. So after making sure I stuffed all the required backup tools such as some cash, ipod, phone and bus card into my pockets, I set out for the walk.

My aim was to walk from Bishan Street 11 to Bishan Park, take a round trip in the Park and walk back home. According to Google Maps, this would ensure that I cover 10 kms. But when I reached Bishan Park, I realized that one part of the park was completely closed down because apparently they are bringing the Kallang River into Bishan Park. Don't ask me how. Anyway this created some confusion and I temporarily lost my way while attempting a detour through a housing estate. But somehow I managed to reach another part of the park.

Initially there were a few fellow beings who were jogging, cycling etc. along my side. So I happily proceeded with my walk listening to my first ever audiobook "Rain" by Somerset Maugham that I downloaded specifically for this walk. When the story abruptly stopped half way, I realized that I was in the middle of an almost pitch dark area and there were no other fellow humans in either direction anymore. It was a bit freaky at first but then I decided to play some songs and just continue with my walk. I guess after I a while, I loved the absolute peace in the darkness that I started to sing along with the song I was listening to. I probably scared the monkeys in the park in the process, but it still was an extremely delightful experience - the Park, the darkness, the road in the distance and a full moon up there!

On my way back I saw something that I've honestly not seen in Singapore before! I think as Chinese New Year celebration a huge, and I mean HUMUNGOUS, fair was going on in my neighbourhood. It was set up on a large space of land which I wasn't even aware was there. They had set up hundreds of stalls selling clothes, artifacts, massage chairs (?!), food and it even had a stage with Tamil song and dance performance! I dunno why there was a Tamil performance there but the atmosphere was very much like the temple fairs we have back at home in Kerala. People from the audience were dancing, shouting, hooting, and having a lot of fun! I contributed my part to the fair by shopping a bit.

So all in all, today I took that long walk I had been planning for so long and took part in a neighbourhood event!

927 more to go.

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