Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 66: Mallu Film and a Non-Mallu Hubby

I had written here about how I love catching up with my Mallu friends. I happened to enjoy one such catch up today again and this time, we even watched a Mallu movie in the theatre! This is always an event in itself because Singapore sees a Malayalam movie release only once in a blue moon. So I am on all possible mailing lists that might inform of such rare releases and am usually the one to spread the word among the Mallu gang I am acquainted with.

I am not even a fan of the actor Mammootty, but when I heard that the Mammootty film "Chattambinaadu" is releasing in Singapore, I did my part as usual and spread the word among all my Mallu friends. And a few of us made our way to the theatre today. Once again, it was an evening of Mallu chat about Mallu movies, something that I thoroughly enjoy. And it also helped that I found the film hilarious.

On top of that, my non-Mallu husband has finally returned home. He had left for Kuala Lumpur as soon as I got back from Kerala, leaving me to care for my own, flu-stricken self. Sure, I wrote here that I felt super tough taking care of myself, but I was almost beginning to feel like I wasn't married. After all, what's a spouse for if not to take care of you, especially in sickness.

But now I feel awesome that he is back, in spite of his complete lack of knowledge of Mallu land and Mallu people and Mallu films. And also in spite of the fact that ever since he got back he has plonked himself on the couch, watching cricket on TV. Still, it feels awesome.

934 more to go.

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