Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 59: A Solar Eclipse and A Big Heart

15 January, 2010

What a truly special day! Firstly I caught my first ever live solar eclipse! Apparently this eclipse is the longest in the 21st century and it is also one of those that is the most visible from South India. I could not have been in a more right place at a more right time. I was in South India and I had to make sure that I saw this eclipse. I went to a neighbours' house to gather some x-rays and a bunch of us, including the neighbours, made our way to the terrace to witness the eclipse. It was such a wonderful experience! It was almost a full eclipse that could be witnessed from our location. The sun got as small as a very thin crescent. We diligently followed not just the sun's disappearance and appearance but also how the light around changed - like how quickly it went to look like dusk, even though it was noon, so much so that the birds got confused and started returning to their homes in the trees around us. Wonderful!

The day was also special because I met a very special person. We happened to bump into my mom's homeopathy doctor. After the usual greetings I got to learn that he was on his way to feed the homeless, aged, handicapped people around the town to give them their meals. Yup, that's the activity that he has taken up. Every day, he makes sure that good quality food is made available to those people on the streets who are too weak to be able to find their own means of livelihood. He has outsourced the cooking and packing of the food packets and made sure that the menu is healthy with a good variety over the week. And he personally delivers them. Every single day. No matter how busy he is. He has been doing this for years, mostly from his own income. Once in a while, he tries to take them on a short trip as get a van, pick them up from around the town, take them to the beach and buy them icecreams. All simple but extremely meaningful gestures.

I understand that not many people in the town know about this man with such a big heart, because he tends to keep to himself mostly. I have offered to sponsor a few people under his care even though it is such a lame thing to do compared to what he does, because his requires physical dedication every day. But I sure do hope and pray that he gets to do this for a long time to come and that he gets the support that he needs all the way.

941 more to go.

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