Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 74: "Uttarkhandiloode"

30 January, 2010

I wasn't too sure what I should write about today. There were a few things I did enjoy -Rehearsal for the film, discussion with a production crew member on some of the plans, working on the script, watching the movie 'Ishqiya' etc. But then after all that, I started reading the Malayalam book "Uttarkhandiloode - Kailas Manasarovar Yatra" by M.K. Ramachandran. It's a travelogue on his journey to Mt. Kailas and Manosarovar Lake in Tibet, a sacred pilgrimage for Hindus which is also a hard trekking expedition through the Himalayas.

I had previously read his book "Adikailasayatra" which I had absolutely loved! The new book too, continues to wow me! He talks a great deal about the danger the journey involves and the treacherous path the expedition takes, but he talks an even greater deal about the beauty of the Himalayas that makes it all worth the trouble. The "Om" mountain that seem to portray the holy sign of "Om" in Sanskrit (, the stories about the lives of people who live in even those altitudes, the lives of the Indian Army who assists the travellers throughout the journey etc. are pretty fascinating.

I am so inspired by the book that I have decided to make an age-long dream come true. After I finish my film, the next thing I will do is a trek through the Himalayas. And hopefully that would come true, before I hit 30.

926 more to go.

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