Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 631: Films & Names!

12 August, 2011

I had written here about how a fellow filmie fanatic had read about Mausams and came down to meet me when he was in Singapore for a holiday. Later I also wrote here on how he was finally about to start on his first short film, a dream which he had parked on the sides for a really long time but was now ready to pick up after having seen the Mausams team do it.

Today he told me that he has completed the shoot after overcoming a million hurdles including facing the rain Gods but finally, it is done! This was of course terrific news and I was super happy for him! And then he said "By the way, my protagonist's name is 'Shilpa' too, after you". That was seriously "Awww" stuff and really very sweet! I also got to see the picture of his protagonist from the behind-the-scenes stills - she is a 10 year old naughty (according to him) but sweet little girl! It was delightful to see all of them together and also to hear this wonderful story of a mission accomplished!

369 more to go.

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