Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 621: Paper, Scissors & Cellotape!

1 August, 2011

When in school, I used to enjoy my handicrafts classes. I used to love cutting, pasting, sewing etc.! There is always a sense of satisfaction once the project is done and you see the end product! However I had not done any "handicraft" in the last several years but now and then I used to get the chance to make props for my plays or films, which I quite enjoy.

We have an upcoming photoshoot for IOK and I need a very simple placard, of a certain dimension and thickness, for it. Given that I did not really have time to go shopping for it before the photoshoot, I decided to make a mock one with whatever materials I had at home. So I dug out an old sketch book of reasonable size, tore off a few pages, put them together to achieve the dimension and the thickness of the placard that I needed. This required a good 30 minutes of my time spent on working with paper, scissors and cellotape.

At the end of my efforts, I felt so good! The end product was strictly average in looks but is functional, and more importantly, it felt so good to be working on even such a small thing! To spend some time sitting on the floor, measuring and snipping papers, pasting them this way and that, was therapeutic! This would most certainly not qualify as "handicraft", but I still got a ton of satisfaction from it!

It is fascinating how much joy even paper, scissors and cellotape can sometimes give!

379 more to go.

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