Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 622: Heartbroken Alcoholic to a Happy Optimist!

2 August, 2011

It was one of the worst days at work historically. I wouldn't go into the details why but needless to say it left me in the depths of the dumps.

I skipped yoga and played the heartbroken alcoholic by going to Brotzeit by myself, and ordering a Bailey's on the rocks (yeah yeah... before all the smarty pants out there say this is not really "alcohol", I would like to stress that it indeed is, at least to me). As if the alcohol in itself wasn't bad enough, I topped it with a huge bowl of potato wedges. Over that sinful snack, I sipped my drink and decided that the world was indeed one shitty place.

But it's interesting how quickly such a perspective changes.

After that very moody act, I met up with the hubby for dinner, over which I poured out my never ending complaints. Things didn't perk up yet but just as we were leaving from dinner I heard my name being called.

I turned around and saw my friend from Junior College! I hadn't met her in about a decade now, in fact we just found each other on Facebook a few months ago, so needless to say it was a big surprise! We exchanged a few pleasantries and into the third sentence of the conversation, she said, "Oh, I must tell you that your blog is my highlight! I love reading it! I find the whole idea so adorable and makes me feel like, OK... there is someone else also who is aging the way I am!" (OK then!)

That immediately, like very much IMMEDIATELY, cheered me up!

She proceeded to ask me about Mausams, the current Malayalam short film I am working on etc. She was obviously very up-to-date with all of it thanks to the blog (or in her own words, she has been "silently stalking" me) and I felt really good chatting with her.

I told her that I am very happy she told me this because this is surely the highlight of my day!

It was like, on one hand it was such a notoriously horrendous day but on the other hand, something pleasant like this happens and you are immediately cheered up! TIt was like someone knocked on my head and said, "Hello.. life ain't that bad after all!" and I believed that person, just like that!

Ah the workings of the Almighty!

So there. I swung right from a heartbroken alcoholic to a happy optimist!

378 more to go.

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