Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 633: Midnight Surprise!

14 August, 2011

It was the birthday-eve. Finally yours truly was pretty close to turning 29. Given that the birthday eve falls on a Sunday and the birthday itself on a Monday, I felt an urge to do something nice on the eve and feel like the day was somewhat special. After all, how much can one expect from a Monday birthday?

However this thought of wanting to do something nice came rather late in the day, so all we (the hubby and I) did was to go to Clarke Quay and have a good dinner. For those who aren't aware, we both share the same birthday!

The dinner was nice and we both got back home pretty happily - satisfied with the simple celebration and with a reasonable understanding that this is probably the maximum celebration possible this year.

However, that was not to be the case!

At midnight, there was a knock on our door and we found the hubby's brother and sis-in-law all set to celebrate, complete with a birthday cake! It was a very nice gesture and we had a small but awesome celebration - blowing out candles, cutting cake etc.!

It was indeed a great a surprise and very good one at that!

An excellent birthday eve!

367 more to go.

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