Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 627: A Very Nice Sunday!

7 August, 2011

This Sunday was an awesome one for several reasons! I think I will do a list (it's been a while!)...

a) One more super fun rehearsal with the IOK cast. This time I too got to rehearse for my own role, which was strenuous (because I play this super loud annoying woman, which is oh-so-different from the usual calm and peace loving me!) but a quite exciting!

b) Two mallu-movie watching (Urumi and Anwar) back to back - I can't say I fell in love with either of them but am a Prithviraj (the hero in both the films) fan, so there were no complaints as long as I could get to watch him and also listen to a lot of Malayalam for a few hours!

c) Yoga, that too with the hubby! Haven't been to yoga with him in ages, so this was great!

d) Dinner with hubby post yoga, over some good conversation at Brotzeit and the discovery of the super yummy "spaetzle" and radler!

e) Supper with the hubby past midnight when he had a sudden unreasonable craving for food. I couldn't believe that he managed to pull me along that late on a Sunday night for supper outside, and he says that he couldn't believe that I actually obliged! Well, obviously I was in a good mood.

All in all, a very nice sunday!

373 more to go.

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