Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 647: Kerala - Mausams, People & Sea!

28 August, 2011

Yet another incredibly AWESOME day!!

My dad had organized a private screening of Mausams for just a few friends and family and it turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences ever! Here are a few highlights:

a) It had quite a few of my very dear friends turning up - friends from school, friends I know via common interest of films (including the filmie fanatic I had written about here) and even the editor of Mausams (who, of course is also a very dear friend) flying all the way from Mumbai for the event! How sweet is that?!

b) I also had a few teachers dropping by including one all the way from my kindergarten days! It was lovely to meet them after such a long gap!

c) The response to the film was very positive which made me feel elated - some of the highlights here were how a friend of my dad's said that he would be leaving early to attend to a family member who isn't keeping well, instead decided to stay on until the very end of the film because he was that entertained by it; yet another friend watched the film twice (there were two shows) because he liked it that much; one teacher of mine who said that she was definitely not expecting to be so well entertained and this was beyond her initial expectation of an amateur film, etc. etc.

d) More than all the positive reviews and everything else, what was most special was to catch up with all these wonderful people who had come down for the screening just to show their support! I had not seen many of them for years, and it was lovely to spend some time together with all of them! It was a very heartwarming experience and I was truly touched by their gestures.

e) Post the screening my dad organized a big van to take a bunch of us for an outing. Enroute, we had some really good Kerala traditional cuisine of Puttu, Egg curry, Quill eggs with masala as well as Scrambled egg in typical Kerala style. Given that all of us were in a van and that we didn't have any cutlery with us, we resorted to a very effective form of communal eating! The food was passed around and everyone simply dug in. It was a very fascinating experience! Oh, and I must mention that the beverage consumed was good old freshly cut super sweet Kerala toddy (coconut alcohol)! Awesomeness!

f) The van took us to the spectacular Thalikulam beach (the strip called Snehatheeram). We reached there at 10pm - so initially I was really wondering what on earth we could do on a beach at that time of the night. But I was greeted by a wonderful park sorta set up - it was well lit, had benches lining the beach front, with also a few covered structures done in the way of traditional Kerala kalmandapams. It was b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l! The best part was that it was completely deserted, which was really awesome because this means we get the whole area to ourselves to do whatever we wanted! I loved it!!

g) My dad and his friend walked up to one of those kalmandapams and settled down with the instruments they had brought along. With my dad on the percussion instrument called dhol and his friend on the accordion, they played some wonderful melodies. Enjoying the very, very strong breeze from the sea, watching the waves crashing against the rocks and two white birds that kept flying in circles above them, with the music that floated in the otherwise quiet night, the experience was simply out of this world! Ah! Bliss!

h) I must also mention that my dad's friends also got me a cake to cut as a celebratory gesture on my "achievement" of having made Mausams! My dad's friend even played some celebratory music on the accordion to wish me his congratulations! How super nice! I was truly flattered and felt on top of the world!

Nett, a super happening and an awesomely satisfying day - once again thanks to a lot of lovely folks around and some good Kerala natural beauty!

353 more to go.

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