Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 648: Blog, Beauty, Mehendi & Dance!

29 August, 2011

Yet another fantastic day - very eventful and fun!

a) I woke up in the morning to this lovely blog written by a friend of mine from school. He is a couple of years junior to me and we had lost touch with each other over the years until of course, Facebook came into play. He has always been an ardent supporter of my film making activities and had also come down for the Mausams screening yesterday. What was incredibly sweet was that post the screening, he took time out to write a very touching blog! This left me overwhelmed, grateful, humbled and touched and the day started with a very big smile! God bless him!

b) Then it was time for pre-wedding beautification process (it's my cousin's wedding on 31st, just in case that point has been missed out so far). This basically means me and my mom going to the salon and getting a facial each! I hadn't done a facial since my own wedding 4.5 years ago, so more than how much beauty that's supposed to bring, what's cool is the mom-daughter bonding time as we were being beautified. It was a pretty amusing to sit side by side and get our faces steamed and massaged and sorted out, while talking about everything under the sun (whenever we were allowed to talk i.e.)!

c) In the evening we went for the wedding festivities. It started with Mehendi or the Henna ceremony. In this part of India, the henna ceremony is almost non-existent but just for the fun of it, my cousin decided to get henna done on her hands. Only point to note is that the henna artiste was to be me! Even though I had done henna for others before, it is the first time I got to be the artist for the bride herself! It was backbreaking work, but I had a lot of fun doing it!

d) This was followed by music and dance! My uncles, cousins, hubby, and me of course... all of us let our hair down and danced and sang and laughed and had an awesomely merry time! It was SOOO much fun!!

352 more to go.

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