Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 638: Good, Packed Friday!

19 August, 2011

It was one of those days where there were a TON of things to do but I actually enjoyed most of it.

Firstly there was an "offsite" meeting. The "offsite" is in quotes because well, the venue for this event was actually the function room of a colleague's condominium, for cost cutting purposes. Given that this was a significant change from the otherwise fancy venues that we go to usually, I wasn't really sure how it would turn out. But am happy to say that it was actually quite a pleasant experience! The sessions, the food, the ambience, the fun etc. were far beyond expectations!

The only glitch was that I had to shuttle between my office and this venue (which was a good 20 minute walking distance which made it too short for a cab ride but too long to walk under the hot sun) a number of times. I had way too many things to get done at work and I didn't want to miss much of the offsite either, so well... shuttling was the only option. Anyway, let's just say that it was all managed well enough.

Post work and offsite, it was time for the final rehearsal of IOK before the shoot begins. Which means we had a lot of technical checks etc. through the late evening. It left me dead tired but again, I was happy. Post the reasonably successful rehearsal, the team went out to have dinner together all the way until midnight in spite of the fact that there is to be a 8am shoot the next day. But then again, that was also a lot of fun!

So yes, a fully packed day but a good one!

362 more to go.

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