Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 634: Beautiful 29!

15 August, 2011

Yet another birthday - turning 29! Wah. It almost seems like yesterday that I wrote about the 28th. Phew!

But it was an awesome, awesome day with several highlights!

a) The day started by getting thoroughly drenched in the rain - like literally soaked to my bones! It all happened because I walked out of my house to the ATM to get some cash before making my way to the Philippines embassy. All of sudden, out of nowhere - like there was no warning drizzle or anything of the sort, the clouds just decided to come down in full force. I attempted a pretty decent sprint back to the house, but could not avoid getting drenched! Even though the whole experience seemed rather annoying for a Monday morning, in hindsight, I think it was pretty cool! It is after all not a regular start to a birthday, and rains are always nice! Oh, and I must also add that the cabbie of the on-call taxi, refused to pick me up (probably due to my drenched condition)! It was appalling but somehow I didn't blow my top. I guess I was calmed enough by the was simply just fascinated and move on to calling another cab!

b) The very efficient service at the Philippines embassy - I must say I was not expecting it to be so trouble-free and was very pleasantly surprised!

c) A good day at work as well... great progress in some of the crucial deliverables!

d) The HUNDREDs of birthday wishes that came in during the day on Facebook, emails, chats, SMS and calls!! This was very, very special! Last year I had written about the overwhelming number of wishes mainly thanks to Facebook, but this year it was a whole lot more, which indeed made me feel like the centre of the world! I also got some very special birthday messages - a friend custom made not one but two cards for me, several people wished me all the best with films, called me a director etc - all of which made me feel super good! Ah, so many wonderful wonderful people around! Even at 29, birthdays are so much fun, thanks to them!! I felt like I was back in school, feeling oh-so-good in my "colour dress" (basically meant anything other than the uniform), which is a privilege one got only during the birthday, and which really made one feel super special! So yeah, it was as good as my school birthdays!!!

e) Dinner and drinks with friends which was simply awesome fun! Great conversation, great food, great gifts, lovely messages and overall a really really great time!

Another birthday gone. A very beautiful one at that!

And now, just one leap year more to go for the blog!

366 more to go.