Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 637: Yogini

18 August, 2011

I can't imagine how misaligned all my planets must be these days because I am having such a super hectic and tough time! Anyone who has bothered to read this blog over the past few weeks (or months?) would know that.

And the hectic time continues to go on.

For instance, I have a whole load of work added on at office because I am out for most of next week on a business trip and then followed by a week's break to go home to Kerala. On top of this, I have to also prepare a few presentations for the upcoming business trip, run several household errands, shoot at least one scene for IOK before I leave because otherwise it will get stalled endlessly, organize a farewell party for a dear friend who would be on her way to Warwick for her studies, pack for my business and home trips, shop for a bunch of stuff before that, still try and get some exercise done in between, etc... all of which are causing quite some panic.

So, after a day of working at breakneck speed today, I went for yoga. Initially I was pretty close to skipping it but then I realized I needed the class more than ever today, to get all this stress and panic out of my system. And that was probably the best decision I took the whole day.

I had an excellent class with pretty high energy throughout. But most importantly, something which the instructor (an awesome dude who unfortunately is in Singapore only temporarily for a month) said during the class, stuck with me.

We were about to start on one of the most challenging parts of the series, where balancing on one leg is pretty much the key requirement and which needs tremendous concentration. So just before we started on the posture, he said "It is human to fall out, but a Yogi (or Yogini) gets back right in".

It was a simple statement but somehow it seemed to me as if it was coming to me at exactly the right time. It was like telling me that, "Yeah, it is all gonna be bloody hard. But you have gotta give it your best, because that's what's gonna make the difference".

So I've decided - instead of cribbing and wallowing in self-pity at my miserable life, I am gonna give my best shot at getting each and every thing done. My very best shot.

Or in the instructor's words, I shall try and be a "Yogini".

Let's see how it goes.

363 more to go.

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