Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 625: Pampered Working Day!

5 August, 2010

Just as I was about to settle in at work this morning, I got a call from the boss who suggested that the team go to her house for a working session. After all it was end of the week and she is quite a host anyway.

So four of us made our way to her house.

Now what you need to know is my manager and family shares the house with her sister and family and in turn has pretty much a HUGE palace of a house by Singapore standards to accommodate the two families. I had been to her place once before for a very short visit but today we got a proper tour. After gaping at everything we saw for close to half an hour, we settled down for lunch. We were served with a very elaborate meal which already perked up my day considerably.

Then we got down to work and as we progressed, hot masala tea and awesome snacks (like mini idlis, vadas and samosas) kept flowing in. All of us felt SO pampered. Wouldn't have realized that great food makes work so much easier to do! Ah! Bliss!

In short, it was a very enjoyable, terrific pampered working day! I like!

375 more to go.

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