Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 628: Singer in Me!

8 August, 2011

Of all the things I can do well, singing isn't one of them for sure. Am like, almost tone deaf.

Having watched the Malayalam movie Urumi over the weekend, I was completely smitten by the very folk, traditional songs in it, particularly one called "Appa Nammade" in it. It's a beautiful short piece and I wanted nothing more than sing it again and again and again.

So I did. I sang it like a million times. The hubby was not at home to burst my singing bubble, so I sang as much as I wanted to, as loudly as I wanted to.

And then it struck me that I could actually easily record my singing and listen to it objectively from a third party point of view. So I did that too. And here is the thing... probably due to the type of song this is (full-throat, simple, and in my pitch), the recorded version didn't sound as bad as I thought I did in my head!

Wah! How awesome!

So here's to many more my own renditions of Appa Nammade, for my own ears!

372 more to go.


  1. i would be grateful if you could please could you provide the meaning(translation) of the song in English. i've been searching the web and could'nt find any.
    i am a non-South Indian (that's bad enough:-) and have been interested in South Indian movies and music for some time now.

    email -

  2. Unfortunately I dont understand it very well either because it is in some very peculiar Malayalam - tribal or something.