Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 609: 17 Corporate Hours

20 July, 2011

Fascinating day. A very corporate one really, given that it was pretty much all centered around work.

A day of a few firsts actually.

Thanks to the load of work I had mentioned here, I ended up getting to office at 6:45 am (for the first time ever) and stayed in until 9:45pm - i.e. 15 hours spent in the office (yet another first)!

And then, the beauty of it was that the long list of things-to-do I had, remained untouched even at the end of it! I was unable to strike even one thing out completely, due to various reasons. So yeah 15 hours straight on work and not a single item struck out - yet another first!

But am not complaining. I guess I was very amused by the whole thing and had a lot of interesting incidents to note - for e.g. the very interesting conversation with the taxi driver early in the morning as he expressed his views on how parents these days spoil their kids with too much money, watching the sunrise from the office, having a rare cup of Starbucks coffee (that is, on top of the usual Chai Latte) to keep myself up which in turn made me feel really "corporate" (in my head, "let's get a coffee" or "let's catch up over coffee" is such a corporate thing!), fire fighting and rushing from one meeting to the other the whole day that I couldn't believe when it was suddenly already 7 pm, etc. etc. They all made me feel amused and definitely made me feel super important.

On top of these, I also got a call for the Filmie Fanatic Visitor I had written about, who told me that he is finally about to shoot his first film next weekend! Given that this was to a large part inspired by Mausams, I felt really good! The news gave me the mental energy boost to get through the rest of my corporate day.

The day ended with a catch up with a dear friend, who suggested that it would be great to have dinner and drinks together, mid-week on a Wednesday, in truly corporate style to finish off such a long and hard day. I thought it was an excellent idea and I met her at Clarke Quay for just that - Dinner and Drinks for about another 2 hours and it was a very fun catch up indeed!

So yes, it was an out an out corporate day - 15 hours of work, 2 hours of after work dinner and drinks and an intake of coffee, even! But I did enjoy it and I have a sense of purpose and importance which isn't bad.

391 more to go.

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