Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 593: Letting It Be

4 July, 2011

One of those absolutely useless days.

I did nothing.

Like, nothing.

It's not that I didn't make any effort. There is always work to ensure that I do something. But somehow, in spite of a few attempts here and there including at work, the day ended and I had nothing to show of it.


And one can guess what this means. It means that at the end of day, there is a growing frustration and dissatisfaction with life. Suddenly there is that shocking realiation of having wasted 24 freaking hours. 24 hours, when one could have changed this world even or at least finished up a marketing plan, but instead the 24 hours were simply thrown away. In short, it's a bloody nightmare.

But of course, things had to be fixed. I couldn't let myself drown in a sea of self-worthlessness when it would just be mere exaggeration. So I had a conversation with the self. While my irrational side cribbed and cried and growled and made a fuss about having done nothing, my rational side said that this would be a good time to demonstrate the skill of "letting it be". Both had pretty valid points.

When no conclusion was drawn for a while in this internal war of the mind, I decided to meditate.

And I did, for a few minutes. I felt the muscles relaxing and the mind calming done. And there was no longer an internal conflict.

There was only one voice now and I decided to heed to it, and let it be.

407 more to go.

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