Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 610: Lifeguard!

21 July, 2011

Another 6:45am - 9:45pm day at work.

Interestingly today, I made some royal screw ups in office. Because I was trying to complete some things at breakneck speed, a few mistakes happened. They were not a matter of life and death or business ruining mistakes but they were wrong in an embarrassing way. This, together with the fact that it was another long day, started to get to me.

But I was clear that I did not want to get depressed. I kept telling myself that I do like my job and this is just a tough phase, which is really the truth. So I did not want to drown in an ocean of self pity and depression.

Instead, in spite of the fact that I reached home only past 10pm, I went for a very long run. I ran and ran and ran, until I was panting and sweating like nobody's business. And as I was running I kept reminding myself that this is admittedly a tough time but not something that would last for ever.

After the run, I realized I felt a LOT better. No self pity, no depression, no complaints and not even embarrassment at that mistake I made at work. It had been rectified anyway, so all I had to do was simply put it behind me.

And then I felt in control. I felt like I was not drowning anymore but was ready to swim again. I felt like my own life guard, and now it's just a matter of handling the next day!

390 more to go.

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