Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 607: Auditions Set!

18 July, 2011

Before we go proper into the post for the day, I must say upfront that I am actually writing this blog on 22nd July - i.e. after a gap of 5 days. Of course, this is not the first time that I am making up in bulk for days gone by, but usually such breaks happen only if I am out of the country. If in Singapore, the maximum gap has been only 3 days, after which I really get myself to sit down and write the missing posts. However, this time I am very much in Singapore but ended up with a gap of 5 days. And it is simply because that's how busy I have been. It has been a seriously insane week at work and I simply didn't have the time nor mental space to blog. The reason why am giving this rather long and seemingly pointless story now, is because I want to remind myself that, even at the end of this crazy work week (it's Friday night now), when I look back, I can still recall something special that happened every single day. Given the horrendous busy-ness my life has been subjected to, I think that is indeed something beautiful!

And now let's get to the post.

Today, in spite of a whole load of work in office, I managed to start the ball rolling for the auditions for my Malayalam short film! Initially it was looking like there won't be enough people for all the roles, since it requires a very good grasp of Malayalam. However, as of today, I have got enough number of people who have expressed an interest in being part of it! To ensure that the interest doesn't fizzle out, I sent out the slots for audition to everyone. The slots were almost all filled up by the evening, so I sent out the audition preparation materials as well, which were received by my potential cast with quite some enthusiasm!

So yes, auditions are all set for this weekend and Ingeneyum Oru Katha will be kicking off very, very soon! Exciting!

493 more to go.

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