Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 597: Mausams DVD and the Catastrophe!

8 July, 2011

I had ordered for some bulk printing of Mausams DVD to be sent out to a few places, including the film festival and I got a box of them delivered today.

I felt really happy seeing them, because they had this nice Mausams artwork! They looked like the DVDs of a real movie! Here is a snap of it!

But I must mention that after the initial happiness of seeing the DVDs, everything went downhill.

Because when I tested them I realized that they had not been burnt with the subtitles. Which makes them very much useless, especially since I had to send a few of them out to the film festival very urgently.

Yet another Mausams catastrophe.

The background is that the festival needed the DVDs in NTSC format while we had only PAL format. So I had given the job to the professional guys who did the conversion from PAL to NTSC before printing them in bulk. Only glitch - no subtitles! So I have a carton full of useless DVDs!

Upon enquiring, they said that they do not have the software to be able to do the conversion with the subtitles. And that for this job, we will have to go to the "professionals". I wonder who that is if not for these people who charged me an arm and a leg for exactly this job.


Mausams never has it easy. Never ever. It was like a repeat of the whole screening day fiasco all over again.

There was only one way out. Re-render the film after embedding the subtitles into the video and then go back for the conversion from PAL to NTSC and the bulk printing. Easier said than done.

I felt that my brain would just collapse from the stress. So went for a jog. After a very, very long time, I jogged. That too for 5 kms. That de-stressed a lot.

Later my dear cinematographer once again came to the rescue and worked on the subtitle-embedding. The film was then put on a re-render which would take several hours.

At midnight, all we could do was hope for the best.

Another mixed bag day. Something small to smile about. Something huge to worry about. But at least this time I am not panicking out of my wits. I turned to the old reliable solutions of working out hard and taking some of those good, deep breaths.

Now fingers crossed for a few working NTSC DVDs to reach the festival on time.

403 more to go.

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