Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 598: Back on Track

9 July, 2011

A lot of posts recently had raised my frustrations with work, lack of productivity, life in general etc.

Today seemed like a good start to reversing this frustration period. It was incredibly productive and I feel pretty good about it! There was progress on a few things...

a) Getting my identity card replaced.... rather, starting the process to get it replaced. After the wallet was stolen, it had taken quite some effort replace all the cards and this was the last of the lot. So I feel good about it. And I must mention that the guys at the Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA) who handle these things were incredibly efficient and super nice to me, which made the otherwise tedious process pretty pleasant.

b) Then I got my glasses replaced - something that has been pending for about 6 months now. I can see a lot clearer. Yay!

c) I restarted on the Malayalam script I had left off after completing just one scene. Today, I completed 75% of the script!

d) I went on another 5km jog - I think I even surprised myself with this one! 5km jog in itself is a big deal for me... but two days in row? Awesomeness!

e) Watched Mausams all over again, as part of making sure that the new (PAL) DVD is working alright. I would like to think that this is also productive, because I did spend 2 hours on it and it had to be done, in spite of having watched the film like a zillion times already.

So yes, several things ticked off my list. I feel more in control. It feels like I am getting back on track.

402 more to go.

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